Shurooq Amin Paints Gulf Society

Sampsonia Way’s interview with Kuwaiti artist Shurooq Amin:

Amin is a conceptual/mixed-media artist, Anglophone poet, and professor at Kuwait University. Her paintings, which often explore taboo and controversial themes in contemporary Middle Eastern society, have been exhibited and collected all over the world. Her equally provocative poetry has been published in two books and numerous journals. The censored exhibition, “It’s a Man’s World,” featured her most recent series of paintings, which Amin says portrays “the dichotomy of the Arab man: Religious preacher versus weekend alcoholic; political activist versus weekend party-goer; conservative father versus playboy; environmentalist versus smoker. Our society, by the very nature of its sharia-run politics, cannot exist without double standards, hypocrisy, and secret private lives.”

Also, check out her feature on today’s broadcast of APM’s The Story!

Here are some pieces I enjoyed from her provocative exhibition, “It’s a Man’s World.” They represent the many paradoxes in Gulf societies — conservative vs liberal, religious vs secular, tribal vs trendy, rich vs poor, homely vs jet-setting, etc…

See more of Amin’s work and learn more about her struggle for freedom of expression here.

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